Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours

We have kayak tours for everyone! There is no experience required for any of our tours. Each tour begins with basic kayak and paddling instructions by one of our experienced guides. Our kayak tours are fun activities for individuals, couples, friends or large groups. We can take groups up to 30 people; schedule and availability varies by season. See the summer kayak tour schedule below. If you don’t find a tour time that fits for your group, fill out the ‘Reservation Request’ form and we may be able to schedule another time for you based on our availability.

Marsh Kayak Tour

The 2-hour Marsh Tour is a guided paddle following the shoreline for a mile before turning into the slow-flowing waters of Privateer Creek. This is the least strenuous trip we offer. The trip starts and ends at the beach or at our private dock in the salt marsh. Dolphins and shorebirds are often spotted. This is a relaxing trip, flowing with the tidal creek, so the trip is adjusted based upon tides. The tour can be booked during the day or at sunset.

2-hour Marsh TourSchedule
SunsetEvery Friday, approx. 2 hours before sunset

Deveaux Bank Bird and Kayak Tour

This trip is a three-hour guided kayak tour to Deveaux Bank, located across from St. Christopher. The trip begins on the beach at St. Christopher before crossing the Estuary and landing on the northern tip of Deveaux Bank, which is home to thousands of sea birds. It is the largest sea bird nesting area north of Florida, so much of the island is protected and off-limits, but sections of the island are open to the public where you can observe and identify thousands of sea birds. Binoculars provided.

Botany Shelling and Kayak Tour

This trip is a three-hour guided kayak tour to Botany Bay Island, across from Seabrook Island. The kayak tour begins on the beach of St. Christopher before landing on the closest shore of Botany. This secluded beach is a hidden gem in the Lowcountry. So much of the beach remains undisturbed, with sea shells and other marine life littering the seashore, come discover a world of seashells and learn to identify what you see!


Kayak Tours
Sunset Kayak TourEvery Friday2 hours before sunset
DeveauxWednesday, October 20th (SOLD OUT)1:30-4:30pm
DeveauxWednesday, November 17th (SOLD OUT)11:00am-2:00pm
DeveauxFriday, November 19th (SOLD OUT)1:00-4:00pm