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Summer Camp FAQ

Located on Seabrook Island, about 25 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, Camp St. Christopher sits on 314 beautiful acres at the mouth of the North Edisto River, making it the perfect spot to spend a week of camp.  In addition to camp facilities like cabins, dining hall, activity buildings, and a chapel, Camp St. Christopher is blessed with a diverse natural environment that includes maritime forest, salt marsh, ponds, and a mile of pristine beachfront. This peaceful setting away from the distractions of daily life provides time for talking, listening, growing together, and having fun! For directions to St. Christopher, a camp map, and more information about our facilities, follow the About link at the top of this page.
Campers are divided into activity groups, each guided by our trained staff members. These groups spend a portion of each day together, taking part in activities such as sailing, kayaking, nature hike, crafts, rock climbing, and our team building challenge course. The remainder of the day is spent enjoying large group programs, such as swim period, canteen, evening activities, and daily chapel time.
Outdoor Adventure Camp (OAC) is an additional programing option within some of our camp sessions.  During these sessions, campers who register for the OAC option will spend their week kayaking, sleeping in tents, cooking over fires, and participating in activities at St. Christopher. The Session 4 OAC (grades 8-12) will leave St. Christopher property to explore the creeks and rivers of the Lowcountry. Campers will spend 3 days kayaking and camping on the Stono River. The Sessions 5 & 8 OAC (grades 6-8) campers will spend the majority of their week using St. Christopher as their base camp while participating in various activities in and around camp. These campers will also kayak and camp on Botany Island (an undeveloped island directly across the estuary from St. Christopher’s property) one night during the session. While these may be more rugged sessions than our traditional camp, the idea of the Outdoor Adventure Camp is to help campers escape their comfort zone, feel more vulnerable, and recognize their need for a Savior. Leaders will focus on helping the campers to identify their gifts for leadership as they have been given, and encourage campers to grow into those gifts.
The health and safety of our campers and staff is of the upmost importance to us. We place special emphasis on medical care and attention through our resident Nurse. Our nurse dispenses all medications and is available to deal with illnesses and emergencies during the entirety of the session. In the rare event additional treatment is required, a local physician, EMS, and hospital emergency room facilities are easily accessible. If you have preferred medications to use for your child for transient illnesses, please bring them to camp (in the original container), in addition to noting such on your camper’s medication and authorization forms prior to arriving. The nurse will be at registration to meet and talk with parents. All campers are required to visit the nurse’s table at check in.
Camp St. Christopher is blessed to be staffed by a great team of enthusiastic, college aged, Christian leaders.  Our summer staff takes part in two and a half weeks of intensive training prior to the start of camp, in which they learn the skills necessary to lead camp activities and teachings, along with tool to help deal with different camper situations.  In addition to attending staff training, our summer staff also hold current First Aid and CPR certifications, and our waterfront activity leaders are all Lifeguard Certified.  In addition to our summer camp staff we have a team of full time staff, volunteer counselors, and priest within our diocese who take part in leading campers in this incredible ministry.  All staff and volunteers have received training, background checks, and reference checks prior to coming in contact with campers.
The first thing you need to know is that this is very common, which means your child will not be the only one new to St. Christopher. Our staff are trained to help your camper build relationships, connect both to their peers, and the camp staff and counselors. St. Christopher is a place where your child will be loved and accepted as Jesus taught. All activities at camp take place in group settings ranging in size from 8 (cabin), 12 (dining), 32 (activity) or the entire camp, so whether your child is introverted or extroverted there will be times where they feel comfortable and a few times that might stretch them. However, we work hard to create an environment of acceptance and encouragement, which continually results in campers leaving with new friendships that often last a lifetime!
Since it is true that we generally fill all sessions, we encourage you to apply for Summer Camp as early as possible (General registration opens at 9:00 am on Thursday, February 1st.  Sessions will begin to fill THAT MORNING). All applications are dated when received and processed in that order. We seek, want, and accept new campers every year. We also maintain an active “wait list” for sessions that are filled, and often accept campers from the wait list.
No, your child does not need any money during camp sessions. Room, board, and canteen items are included in the cost of the camp session. The gift shop is open (located in the Welcome Center) for business on session opening and closing days (weekdays), as there is no schedule gift shop time for campers during the session.
No. It is the policy of Camp St. Christopher that no members of the camp community (campers, counselors, staff, etc.) smoke anywhere at any time on the campus. Campers in violation may be asked to call you to come and remove them from camp. The same policies hold for the use or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or e-cigarettes.
Yes, we do have verifiable needs-based financial aid available. If assistance is requested, typically we provide 1/3 of the cost, ask the camper’s home church to cover 1/3, and the camper’s family to cover the remaining 1/3. If you need financial assistance, apply to camp; once you are registered, the application process for financial help can be completed. If aid is not available, we will provide a full refund of your application fee.
Yes, with your permission your child may drive to camp. Once they arrive they will be instructed to park their car in a designated area and turn the keys into a member of our staff. Keys will only be returned at the end of camp. We would suggest you establish a clear policy with your child about who may ride with or return home from camp with them.
We suggest the U.S. Mail, which is delivered daily to campers after lunch each day. Other alternatives are UPS and FedEx. We do not deliver fax, phone or e-mail messages to campers. The only exception is in the case of an extreme emergency, in which case you should contact the summer camp office at (843) 768-1337 or the conference center office at (843) 768-0429.
Campers will be assigned to 1 of St. Christopher’s 17 beachfront cabins.  Equipped with air conditioning, shower, and bathroom, each cabin sleeps 8 campers along with 1 staff member and counselor.  Space is available for campers to store their luggage near their bunk.  Campers need to pack a pillow, along with sheet and a blanket or a sleeping bag.  The cabin is where your camper will sleep at night, get ready for activities during the day, have an afternoon siesta, and participate in a daily small group time.
Campers should pack clothing that is suitable for playing outside on warm summer’s days, and attire for spending time in the water.  All campers, staff, and volunteers need to dress in good taste and modest styles. Clothing that might be offensive to others or advertise or promote drinking or drug usage are not allowed. Bathing suits should be those that can be worn for active fun in the water (one pieces for girls). We suggest that you label all clothing with the campers name. A complete list of informal clothes is available on the Accepted Campers page and a packing list will be mailed with your final letter home, prior to your campers session.
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