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Welcome Center | Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays

Bob Lawrence
Executive 843.768.0429

Rhonda Myers
Chief of 843.768.0429

Bennett Love
Director of Conference 843.768.0429

Sandi B. Kerner
Director of 843.768.0429

Lisa Marrone
Director of Quality 843.768.0429

Facilities, Guest Services, Food Services

Linda Rampersant
Director of Guest 843.768.0429

Chef John ReinauerJohn Reinauer
Executive 843.768.0429

Steve Zack
Director of 843.768.0429

Student Ministries

Teri Hiers
Director of Student 843.768.1337

Justin Johnson
Director of Summer 843.768.1337

Laurinda Rapp
Director of Barrier Island/ Coordinator of Outdoor 843.768.1337