Our most popular paddle trip brings you down the slow-moving, peaceful waters of Privateer Creek and ends at a boathouse on the beach. Heron, dolphin, and other wildlife are common sights. The trip lasts about two hours. If you’re interested in a longer paddle, we can take you on a multi-day experience of carrying equipment on kayaks and staying on uninhabited islands in the Charleston area.


Our Team-Building Challenge Course consists of 15 low-ropes obstacles designed to stretch your team.You will be guided by one of our trained staff members, who will design each challenge to your group’s ability and will lead a brief discussion for your people to analyze their communication, group dynamic, and overall teamwork. Our program is ideal for groups of 7 to 15 people. If your group is larger, we recommend adding another group.


Our remote campsite is set on the edge of a salt marsh, located on the end of a mile-long road that winds through the forest. The campsite has a rustic campfire area with flat areas for tents, and access to a dock. Be prepared for a back-country toilet (or we can set up a rental portable toilet for an additional charge).

Guided Tours

Let our trained naturalists guide you through the forest, dunes, or salt marsh as you learn about local flora and fauna. Tours are available in a variety of areas, depending on your areas of interest. Options include any class we teach through the Barrier Island Environmental Education Program, plus the maritime forest, wetlands, and the beach and dunes.


Learn how to use a compass and draw on your new skills to complete one or two orienteering courses through our property.

Mud Pit

For many groups, the mud pit is a must. It gives guests a chance to get down and dirty and to cover themselves with plough mud from head to toe. Guides walk you a mile down the beach before entering the salt marsh trail and ending in the mud pit.

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall, towering 25 feet high, is available regardless of weather conditions. Challenge yourself and push your limits while learning how to trust others (temporarily closed due to COVID-19).