Adjacent to the Chapel of the Palms is a tranquil respite, overlooking the North Edisto River, that connects generations, preserves history, and honors loved ones.

St. Christopher Burial Grounds

A sacred and holy place

St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island is a place of rest, restoration, and renewal. It can also be your choice as a final resting place among the shaded dunes of the burial ground adjacent to the historic Chapel of the Palms. In 2013, St. Christopher designated an area for the Christian burial of cremated human remains.

The burial ground at St. Christopher is well defined by bordering boardwalks on three sides. It lies in front of the Chapel of the Palms, which faces south toward the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the North Edisto Estuary.

Cremated remains are buried in natural cloth bags that have been fashioned from linens formerly used for Holy Communion in sacramental worship. The place of burial in the burial ground is not marked, but a memorial plaque inside of the Chapel of the Palms lists the full name, date of birth, and date of death of all of those buried at St. Christopher.

St. Christopher Burial Grounds

Looking ahead

Advance arrangements may be made for burial at St. Christopher by completing an internment agreement that remains on file at St. Christopher for the time that burial is needed. Immediate needs may also be met through use of the same agreement on behalf of the deceased.

A single fee of $500 covers preparation of the burial site, provision of a burial bag, and a brass memorial plaque. While clergy associated with St. Christopher may be able to conduct a simple graveside burial, there is no guarantee of their availability.

The use of the Chapel of the Palms or other chapels located at St. Christopher are additional options for a full burial or memorial service before the burial and committal of the cremated remains. Any use of the chapels is through existing reservation policies in place at the time of arrangement.

Temporary memorials of flowers or other items may be placed on the gravesite, or in our chapels for as long as it does not interfere with other scheduled use. In most cases, this will be one week or less. We are happy to work with you on meeting your needs.

The serene area is perfect for year-round visitation and a welcoming place of remembrance. Call 843.768.0429 to arrange a complimentary consultation regarding our burial options.