Lodge Room

Lodging in the Conference Center

Our conference center has 44 lodge rooms which sleep up to 4 per room. Spread across four buildings, all of our rooms have easy access to both the conference facilities and the beach.

While our rooms are comfortable and include the usual features you would find at a modern hotel there are a few things we have deliberately omitted. Because we want to provide a place where you can unplug from the world and the hectic life of the 21st century, you won’t find TVs or phones in your rooms. Wireless internet connection is available in all Conference Center lodge rooms as well as the conference center meeting spaces and dining rooms. We will warn you in advance that cell phone reception is generally only good outside, but you may find that to be more of a feature than a flaw.


Cabins on the Beach

We also have a total of 16 cabins on the beach. Connected by boardwalks, they sleep 10 people per cabin in bunk beds with both heating and air-conditioning. Shared bathrooms and showers in the cabins have hot water, while cold water rinse-off stations are located on the boardwalks. Many of┬áthe cabins also feature large porches perfect for gatherings where you don’t want to be inside. Please be sure that you bring your own bedding and towels.

While used during the weeks by the Barrier Island program during the school year and Summer Camp during the summer, they are often available on weekends for everything from a family getaway to a youth retreat or a group looking for a more rustic setting.