This is a list of the most commonly asked questions about St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center. If your question is not answered here, or you would like more details on a particular topic, please call the Welcome Center at 843.768.0429.

Our rate sheet is here. If you have any questions about booking, or our preferential policy, please give us a call.

We welcome all guests. If you are interested in staying with us, please contact Ginni Quisenberry for a group reservation, or Bennett Love for a personal retreat.

We offer two different styles of lodging here at St. Christopher: cabins and lodge rooms. To see our different lodging options, visit our Meetings and Conference Spaces page.

Ginni Quisenberry handles all group reservations.

Yes! We provide Wi-Fi for all of our conference center meeting spaces and lodge rooms.

Depending on what is happening at St. Christopher, we sometimes need to ask that people visit on a different day. If you are interested in making a day visit, please check with us at the Welcome Center at 843.768.0429.

Our beach access is available only to guests of St. Christopher. If you are interested in visiting or staying with us, please call the Welcome Center at 843.768.0429.

We do not have an ATM at St. Christopher. If you need to make a withdrawal, Freshfields Village at the entrance of Seabrook Island is your nearest option. We only offer a soft drink vending machine at St. Christopher.

St. Christopher loves to provide meals for our guests. To find more information on our services, please visit our dining hall page.

We do not have a boat landing at St. Christopher. If you want to bring a kayak or beach-loading vessel , please contact our Outdoor Encounters program to find out the best way for us to serve you.

Guests of St. Christopher are welcome to fish on our property with a South Carolina Saltwater Fishing License. St. Christopher offers many fishing options for young and old anglers alike. Options include shore fishing along our beach, from the Crab Dock on Privateer Creek, and from the Point at the end of our beach.