Personal Retreats

Jesus, Moses, and Elijah stepped away from the turmoil of life for time alone with God the Father. We have the same need today: a time and place for rest, restoration, and renewal. St. Christopher offers personal retreats to help you become centered in God again.

Personal retreats for individuals, couples, or families are a chance to reconnect with your purpose on Earth and gather your strength to press on. You will have no worries about preparing meals, driving, being on a schedule, or even answering the phone.

We provide you with an environment in which you may find God and be found by him: 300 acres of beauty, trails through the forest, time on the beach, a peaceful room with no TV or phone, and delicious meals.

We take reservations for Personal Retreats up to 30 days in advance. Call Bennett Love at 843.768.0429 with your questions, or write to him.