School Year 2020-2021

We book up to a year in advance. On the first of each month at 6:00am, all of the dates for that same month of the following year become available. Example: On September 1, 2019 at 6:00am, all of September 2020 becomes available for booking.

When you contact us to reserve your spots please have your desired dates, expected number of children and number of adults, and possible other dates. We work hard to accommodate your first pick for dates, but ask that you do have a backup time when you would be able to attend.

To make a reservation, click here.

updated 11/11/19

Fall 2020
Spots Available
September 9-11 170
September 14-16 120
September 16-18 59
September 21-23 54
September 23-25 25
September 28-30 150
October 5-7 170
October 12-14 32
October 21-23 20
October 28-30 20
November 2-4 170   Election Day
November 9-11 30
November 16-18 70
November 23-25 170


We hope you had a wonderful time at Barrier Island. Please take some time to fill in this quick questionnaire about your experience with us. We want to know what we did well, and what we can improve upon. Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.