The Palms Project

Front row L to R: Samuel Hunter, Andrew Avent, Andrew Hunter
Back row L to R: Tradd Zanin, Grayson Jones, Maddie Steen

All proceeds from sales will be donated to St. Christopher

Our Story:

THE PALMS PROJECT is an album or worship songs we (former camp staff) chose to reflect the last decade of worship at St. Christopher. It was recorded in the Chapel of the Palms in hopes of capturing the sonic qualities that make us all feel so at home. There is something too sterile about a perfect recording- the artists who originally recorded the songs did that in beautiful ways we could not. In light of that, this group of staff members chose to use microphones, set up around the room to really capture the worship experience. Sadly, there was not a room full of campers to join in that worship and the chapel yearned for their chorus. We worked hard with the time and resources available. We hope you can find joy and peace in this album!

Creating a space here.

Cover artwork by former staff member: Sophie-Earle McCraw. Photography by: Cameron Wilder.