Jean Bosco Mutebutsi flanked by (from left) Brian Agnew, Kitty Strawn, Lynn Lawrence, Will Monts, Anna Wallace Clark, and Nathan Warner

Jean Bosco Mutebutsi, director of J-Life Burundi, spoke at the St. Christopher staff chapel July 25. Brent Agnew, who works in the St. Christopher dining hall, offered this brief reflection.

I was blessed to attend Bosco’s talk. Bosco’s life is a reminder that evil is constantly lurking and often attacks in extremes. I remember the fatigue of news cycles about acts of genocide in the former Yugoslavia and Kosovo, and later in the Oklahoma City bombing.

When evil arrived again in the form of genocide in Central Africa beginning in 1994, particularly in Bosco’s nation of Burundi and in Rwanda, many people saw how horrible it was. Most of us could only watch from afar through the media.

Bosco’s story is evidence that even when it seems that Satan is winning, the Holy Spirit remains at work full time. I’m grateful to have been reminded of this by a firsthand witness. Bosco’s life of serving orphans and widows through J-Life is testimony of the Holy Spirit’s work.

I spoke to Bosco after our chapel service, and again the next day. He reminded me that Burundi is approaching an election next year that could result in still more violence or death. As we approach our election in 2020, we need only think about who will win rather than who might die.

Let’s continue to pray for Bosco, his ministry, and the country he calls home. I pray that Burundi’s election will lead to a peaceful transition of power.