Heartbroken that the Chapel of the Palms stands silent this summer, this group of former summer camp worship leaders came together to create a worship album made specifically of songs they remember from their time at camp – recorded in the Chapel of the Palms. “We had a special way of recording,” says Tradd Zanin, who spearheaded the effort, “with room mikes set up so you hear not only our music but the ambient sounds of the Chapel. It has great acoustics, so when you listen to it now you really get the feeling you’re back in the Chapel.”

The musicians donated their time and the CD’s are a fundraising effort for St. Christopher. The CD’s are now available for purchase directly from St. Christopher. Please contact Lisa Marrone ( or Teri Hiers ( to purchase. The cost is $25.00 (plus shipping).


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Naturalists at the St. Christopher Barrier Island Environmental Education Center have been busy making videos to share their knowledge with students who cannot visit amid COVID-19 precautions.

Another video, created by Katelin and Bennett Love, provides reflections and prayers for a journey among the many crosses at St. Christopher.

Watch the collection.