Zooming in on the Soul

Johnny McClung on Unsplash • bit.ly/2BTc7vj

Who has not yet been on Zoom? A few months ago, most of us would have raised our hands (and looked confused), but now just about everyone has clicked on a Zoom link and connected with worship, Bible study, business meetings, small groups, family celebrations, centering prayer, fellowship in breakout rooms, healing prayer, or even a retreat. A few months ago I could not have imagined a retreat on Zoom.

Welcome to a new season of opportunities! At The Prayer Center we have sponsored three retreats using Zoom in the last three months. Our June retreat was a hybrid combining on-screen and in-person retreatants for The Cell and the Coracle, a one-day retreat. We explored how the monastic cell and the coracle (a small boat used by Irish monks for mission) help us discover God’s purposes in this challenging season. Listen to what participants said:

Your hybrid retreat idea is and was genius. The handout made it really easy to follow and to focus, regardless of locale. The time together and apart, intermixed with prayers, music, teaching, questions, responses, greetings and well wishes resonated with us all.
—A professional educator and church music director

I liked the theme, The Cell and the Coracle. Just the sound of it sounded so “take me away,” and I think we all want a little “take me away” right now. I loved the history, songs, prayers, and poetry … Great questions for self-reflection, especially “How is God calling you to invest yourself in this new season?” I find questions like these helpful when my own heart does not want to ask and answer them. Thank you again for a memorable time at St. Christopher.
—An artist and intercessor

Opportunities abound in this season to be intentional in understanding and practicing our faith. As Chaplain at The Prayer Center, I am available to:

  • design and lead Zoom, in-person, or hybrid group retreats
  • teach on spiritual growth, healing, discipleship, and Celtic Christian spirituality
  • lead workshops on healing prayer ministry
  • offer healing prayer or spiritual direction by appointment
  • lead Days of Healing Prayer
  • consult with healing prayer ministries
  • preach in the context of a worship service

Give me a call or write to me. Stay connected to our website, Facebook page, and diocesan publications for future events.

The Rev. Dr. Sandi Kerner

skerner@stchristopher.org 843.768.0429