Intercessory Prayer Days

Join us in intentional days of prayer for this ministry!

The format we use for our Day of Intercessory Prayer typically follows this pattern:

We meet at The Prayer Center on campus at 9:00am and begin with worshipping God in song and prayers of praise. We share prayer concerns for St. Christopher, our guests and staff, and the way we sense God moving in this place. By 9:45am we disperse to listen to God, to prayerfully walk the grounds or be still as God leads, attentive to what we sense in creation all around us, the scriptures that come to mind, and what we hear the Lord speaking. Around 11:15am, we re-gather to share what we have received. As each one shares, we witness how the Holy Spirit weaves a beautiful tapestry of words, images, nudges, scriptures, prophetic movements and songs. An identifiable theme often emerges. We each pray what we have received, now in agreement with one another, and we conclude our morning prayer time with thanksgiving. We maintain a record of what is shared and prayed. From time to time we review these faith-building notes to see how God is laying the groundwork for new seasons in this ministry. Following our prayer time, we invite intercessors to join us for lunch in the Dining Hall.

Prayer Days in 2022

  • February 19
  • May 07
  • August 13
  • November 12

For more information, contact the Rev. Dr. Sandi Kerner, Chaplain.

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