Farewell to a Fallen Tree

We love trees at St. Christopher, and are surrounded by them. The historic giants around our campus give us shade, beauty, and awe. But when a tree falls here, as occurred during Hurricane Dorian’s visit to greater Charleston, it can threaten the stability of our buildings and the safety of our visitors.

St. Christopher called on a professional crew to remove a tree that fell onto the roof of Sea Oats Lodge. As these photographs by the Rev. Rob Kunes show, removing such a bulky and weighty object from a rooftop is more complicated than shoving it aside or cutting it in half.

The crew spent much of Sept. 9 removing many branches of the fallen tree, lowering them to safety, and finally lowering the tree’s extended trunk to the ground and cutting it into manageable pieces.

We give thanks for the life of this tree at St. Christopher and are sorry to see it depart.