2019 Accepted Campers

What do I need to do now that my child has been registered?

If you successfully completed the online registration and paid the application fee, your child has been accepted into the session you have selected. An auto email was generated and sent at the time of registration. No other statement emails will be sent regarding account balances.  NOTE: The application fee is non-refundable.

We are excited that your child(ren) will be joining us for Summer Camp this year! Below are some important instructions on what to do next, as well as various forms that need to be printed, completed, and mailed to us. Please read carefully!

Next Steps: Please Follow Carefully

Final Payment

You can log in to your summer camp account (http://stchristopher.campbrainregistration.com) at any time to check your balance and/or submit a payment. Anyone failing to meet the April 22nd deadline will incur a $20 late payment fee. Final payment can either be made by mailing a check, or you can go online to pay your final balance by credit card.

Credit Card Payments

To pay your final balance by credit card, please log back into your account at the registration site. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

Physician’s Release & Parental Consent Form (REQUIRED)

The “Physician’s Release & Parental Consent” can be downloaded and printed below. All accepted campers are required to complete this document. The deadline is April 22. If the deadline is not met, a $20 late fee will be added to the account. If your child is accepted into a camp session after the April 22 deadline, the document will be due two weeks from the date of acceptance. All campers must obtain physician’s authorization to participate in camp activities.  In addition, please note that all medications to be administered at camp (including over-the-counter medications) require a doctor’s signature. If medication changes are made after the doctor has completed and signed the document, an updated copy will need to be submitted on or before the first day of your child’s camp session. Please note that the “Physician’s Release & Parental Consent” can either be uploaded directly to the camper’s account or can be mailed. The deadline for upload or postmark (if mailing) is April 22, 2019.

Online Medical History (REQUIRED)

The “Online Medical History” must be completed online no later than April 22nd. This is not required to be completed at the time of camper registration; but parents must log back in to their account (using their log in credentials) complete and “submit” the form for each registered camper no later than April 22nd in order to avoid a $20 late fee per camper. 

Cabinmate Requests (OPTIONAL)

Cabin mate requests are optional and can be made by logging in to your online summer camp registration account and submitting the “Cabin Mate Request” form. We will only consider reciprocal requests that are made by the April 22nd deadline. Only two requests can be made. If more than two names are entered, the request is VOID. Once the form is complete and submitted, changes cannot be made online, you must contact the camp office. There is no guarantee, but we do our best to place campers with one camper of their choosing.

Letter to My Child’s Cabin Leaders (OPTIONAL)

Please complete this form to provide your child’s counselor and staff member additional information about your child. Please mail the form to the Summer Camp Office by April 22nd.

Made a mistake?

If you have made a mistake on your application, need to request a session switch, need to cancel, etc. please email us at summercamp@stchristopher.org.  All requests for any type of change must be made in writing.

Important forms to print and mail. Please note deadlines!

 2019 Physician’s Release & Parental Consent.pdf

Please print this document and have it fully completed/signed and either uploaded directly to your camper’s account or postmarked no later than April 22. St. Christopher requires campers to receive a medical examination by a licensed physician prior to attending summer camp. Campers need to have had a physical exam on or after August 1, 2018. Parents complete Part A and the doctor completes and signs Part B. Document must be uploaded to your account or postmarked by April 22, 2019 to: Summer Camp Office, 2810 Seabrook Island Rd., Johns Island, SC 29455. For document uploaded or postmarked after the April 22 deadline, a late medical fee will be added to the camper account.

Letter To My Child’s Cabin Leader.pdf

Please print this optional form and complete it to give your child’s staff member and counselor additional information about your child. Although it is optional, it is a great help for our team to help your children enjoy their camp experience. Please upload or postmark this by April 22.

Summer Camp Scholarship Application.pdf

Limited scholarship help is available from the James L. White Scholarship Fund. Generally we can provide up to 1/3 of the cost for those with a verifiable need. This assistance also asks the home church to provide 1/3 of the cost, and the camper’s family to provide the remaining 1/3 of the cost. If you are applying for a scholarship please make sure that the Scholarship Form is also returned fully completed with a check from your church by April 22. A camper must be accepted to a session before scholarship assistance can be requested.

2019 Packing List.pdf

Please print a packing list in advance to help in preparation for summer camp.

2019 Senior Session- Packing List.pdf

Senior Session: Please print a packing list in advance to help in preparation for summer camp.

2019 Outdoor Adventure Camp Packing List.pdf

Please print a packing list in advance to help in preparation for summer camp.