School Year 2022-23

We book up to a year in advance. On the first of each month at 6 a.m., all of the dates for that month of the following year become available. For example, at 6 a.m. on September 1, 2021, all of September 2022 becomes available for booking.

When you contact us to reserve your spots, please have your desired dates, expected number of children and number of adults, and possible other dates. We work hard to accommodate your first pick for dates, but please also think of an alternate date.

Note that session capacities are still reduced at this time due to COVID concerns. We plan to increase capacities when safe to do so.



Fall 2022 (updated 11/24/21)

Sept. 7-9108
Sept. 12-14148
Sept. 14-16148
Sept. 19-21148
Sept. 21-23148
Sept. 26-28148
Sept. 28-30148
Oct. 3-5108
Oct. 5-7
Oct. 10-1228
Oct. 12-1466
Oct. 17-19148
Oct. 19-2110
Oct. 24-26148
Oct. 31-Nov. 2148
Nov. 2-470
Nov. 7-9148
Nov. 9-11100
Nov. 14-1610
Nov. 16-1848
Nov. 21-23148
Nov. 28-30148

Winter 2022-23 (updated 12/01/21)

Nov. 30-Dec. 2148
Dec. 5-7148
Dec. 7-9148
Dec. 12-1488
Dec. 14-16148

Spring 2023 (updated 08/31/21)

To be posted

After Your Visit

We hope you had a wonderful time at Barrier Island. Please respond to this quick questionnaire about your experience with us. We want to know what we did well and what we can improve.