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Barrier Island Merchandise

We Love Pre-Orders! We benefit because we know what to order. You benefit because you get what you want. As an extra incentive when pre-ordering, we will honor last season’s prices for BI and Mud T-shirts if we receive your order at least 4 weeks before your visit. ORDER NOW!

Call our gift shop (843-768-0429, press 2) if you have any questions.


B.I. Merchandise Pre-order Form.pdf

B.I. 35th T-Shirt

Mud Pit T-Shirt

Barrier Island Hat

B.I. Sweatshirt

B.I. Sticker

B.I. Water Bottle

B.I. Crab T-Shirt – Indigo

Barrier Island Crab T-Shirt Indigo

B.I. Crab T-Shirt – Mint

Barrier Island Crab T-Shirt Mint

B.I. Merchandise Pre-order Form.pdf