I am continuing our Naturalists introductions…..

Hello! My name is Sam Robertson and I grew up in Abbeville, South Carolina, a small town in the upstate. I received my bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in visual arts. 15741097_2169870203238658_2047531247791367727_n.jpgI am really looking forward to working at Barrier Island for the sake of being able to convey the importance of our place on this planet and a sense of fascination and constant learning and growth that nature provides us as stewards of this Earth. I am a lover of all things handmade and spend the majority of my free time making pottery, drawing, and learning woodworking. As this world was also hand made I also find joy doing activities such as hiking, back packing, and kayaking. (Side note: I refuse to believe that climbing trees should stop beyond ones childhood) A favorite quote of mine comes from The Northmen Guild Code of Ethics, Rest when you can. Work when you must. Always leave your mark. Take charge when others show weakness. Have more, spend less More time, less convenience. Craft, not business Value, not price Quality, not quantity To create, not to produce Hands, not machines”.  

 My name is Meriwether Burrell and I grew up in Anderson, South Carolina.OsqjilYMc58b9zyPWh-fXtyIaqjpEv0D7G2kNWwU8ZxsiU0zkGkxb48DOvaXVbLLQR0SvZ4k-ljwM19yOaH5x1b47zYBtsiZHTJHK7c1QNLzaQWcjZKzVAgSUdXga4nY2 I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science and Environmental Studies from Samford University. The Barrier Island Program expresses a love for environmental conservation. I’m excited to be a naturalist because teaching others about unique surroundings is a blessing. Things I enjoy in my free time include reading, hammocking, yoga and exploring new restaurants with friends. A favorite quote of mine comes from Winnie the Pooh, ““You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

My name is Brianna Teats (Bree), I grew up in Goose Creek, South Carolina and graduated with a BS in biology from Charleston Southern University.ilCFrd3AywfpHS1j7vb8sBjGLVcXV5HNYnTprGIHM9pZzQBo6Y4ODfnj5c4P4ncSmDVUMAgNn0mLn0fW-qBe9AYbZHtQaUDQbz2GTd-qreKUNDECVlXjRsuMxk_v-c50J I am very excited to be working as a naturalist for Barrier Island, mainly for the wildlife aspect and all of the animals I’ll get to see on a day to day basis! I enjoy anything to do with music, working out, playing various sports, and reading in my off time. A favorite quote of mine come from Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Hello there! I am Alejandra Rios, and I am a military brat so I lived around the country before I found myself in South Carolina. I recently graduated from the College of Charleston with a Marine Biology B.S. and an Environmental Studies minor. XaQ4r0CsuwpHWaGUhNjydjr0WgEi2mGMPKAz1jDFKTbedDdIlJXWbKAEFwLnTKRy_5ddEd82i-xgMRIb4-FnPXWi_9q2ycWZwCJaGRMShygIh3t-CH3voCcYicJTGLM56I am excited to work as a naturalist at Barrier Island because I get to share the wonders of nature with others, just like someone did for me when I was younger. When I am not talking or learning about the ocean, I enjoy exploring the ocean through scuba diving and sailing. I also love travelling, eating, playing guitar, and trying new things. As a crazy old man once said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”