Holy Week Homeschool Retreat!

Do you have children? What are you and your children doing during Easter week (April 12th – 14th)?

Why not consider taking your family to St. Christopher’s Barrier Island Christian Homeschool Retreat. Whether you and your family homeschool, or whether you happen to have spring break that falls on that date, what better way to spend your time but to get your children a field trip experience like no other!

As a Christian Environmental Education Program, the Barrier Island Program offers biblically based hands-on learning of God’s creation, in God’s creation, in a way that is suitable for all ages. We will cover core biological concepts like design, niche, biodiversity, ecosystems, succession, and stewardship – all at age appropriate levels. In previous homeschool retreats, we have had multiple 5-9yr old, 10-13yr old, and 14-18yr old field groups. Of course, the more folks register for this event, the narrower our field group age ranges can be.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, or you are 100% convinced and want to sign up right away, please contact Teri Hiers (Office Administrator for Barrier Island) at barrierisland@stchristopher.org, or call 843-768-1337.

And whether you join us or not, don’t forget to get out in to God’s creation and get dirty!