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Pets of BI

A fun post today.

One of the stipulations of our Naturalist employee contract forbids pets of furry nature — a perfectly reasonable request, especially considering the fact that we all share a house. Imagine the fur and dander if we all had a cat or dog; imagine how cramped the quarters would be. We already […]

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Local Outreach: Wrapping Up

It’s been quite a year for Local Outreach, and Cortney and I are sad to see it end. We had an exemplary semester, though, and we’re grateful for every student we had the opportunity to meet.

Though teaching as Naturalist is an incredible experience in and of itself, Cortney and I had the additional opportunity and blessing to be a […]

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Bird is the Word: Selimah’s Photos

As promised in last week’s post (click here to read), below is a gallery of just a few of Selimah’s gorgeous bird photos.

Let it be noted, though, that Selimah has taken thousands more. There simply isn’t enough room in a single blog post to show you all of her incredible shots.

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Bird is the Word

Back in February, David issued a challenge to the Naturalists: whoever recorded the highest number of birds on eBird will, at the end of the year, be awarded ultimate birding bragging rights and a Sibley Field Guide to Birds.

eBird is an online collaborative observation system; it allows birders of all levels to look up and report […]

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Further Up and Further In

Though an aspiring Naturalist need only a college degree to be qualified to apply for a Naturalist, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the job attracts the environmentally astute.

We have a range of college majors amongst the staff, including a Business major, a Theater major, and a History major; all Naturalists, however, have a […]

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Passing the Torch

Charlotte Hendrick, Senior Naturalist and Saint Christopher Environmental Education extraordinaire, will be handing off her Senior Naturalist role to the very capable Grace Anne Martin this upcoming school year.
Charlotte has worked at Saint Christopher since August 2014. She’s been a Naturalist (2014-2015), a Senior Naturalist (2015-2016), and an Outdoor Encounters Session Leader (last summer and this […]

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Andrew Bailey, our Naturalist from Rockmart, Georgia, has brought his faith and his love of learning to Barrier Island.

Andrew graduated from Shorter College with a History major and a Christian Studies minor; he also obtained his associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. After feeling called to missionary work, Andrew has used both his strengths […]

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Work Team Spotlight: Maintenance Team

a.k.a. MAN-tenance Team.

The trio: Walker Dillard, Scott Warner, and Tim McAfee.

What do they do? Important stuff. Manly stuff.

If anything needs to be built, repaired, blazed, fetched, or disposed of, these fellas are on the job. They’re the handy men of the Barrier Island Environmental Program.

“David said he’s had a hard time recruiting maintenance team volunteers in […]

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A Look at Local Outreach

This year, we’ve been investing more deeply in our Local Outreach program. Cortney Weatherby, a Senior Naturalist, has been spearheading the program since August; I (Hannah), as the Barrier Island Intern, have been assisting her ever since I arrived in January.


Cortney hails from far-far-away Nebraska. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree […]

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Work Team Spotlight: Garden Crew

This week’s Work Team Spotlight is on the Garden Crew–the smallest yet unquestionably critical (and lovely) work team consisting of the dynamic duo: Ms. Sydney Rogers and Ms. Maggie Boling.

Sydney graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Biology. Her favorite BI class to teach is Woods/Wetlands (don’t even get her started on […]

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