I have had the joy of being a naturalist here at Barrier Island for the past three years now. I have got to admit when I am ask what being a naturalist is like I have got to say its like Jumanji. It’s pretty exotic, but terrifying. IMG_0160When we first get here as naturalist to Barrier Island we are thrown into some pretty heavy and creative training in order for us to become the naturalists you all know and love. We don’t all start as these fantastic teachers and scientists that we are by the time we leave Barrier Island. In fact many of us, speaking from my own experience, come in with limit scientific knowledge at all. Yet at the end of nine months we leave with a whole new perspective on the natural world. A perspective that challenges us to love and cherish the natural world more then we could ever have imagine before.16299749_1386815844703375_7662783790583001257_o
However at the same time if you were to ask any of us why we do our jobs we would all say we do it for the kids.
We do it because we get show love and care for children who might not always get love and support anywhere else. You see we get to be heroes to the kids that come into to our program during the nine months we are here as naturalists. We get to shine a light where there is darkness. We get to provide a little hope through our love for our students where hope might not exist. I got to say more then anything that is what being a naturalist is all about. It’s not just about teaching all about environmental stewardship. Being a naturalist is about being a light to world that showcases love to the students that enter into our program.