Though an aspiring Naturalist need only a college degree to be qualified to apply for a Naturalist, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the job attracts the environmentally astute.

We have a range of college majors amongst the staff, including a Business major, a Theater major, and a History major; all Naturalists, however, have a passion for Creation.

Many of us, in undergraduate school, majored Biology or some form of environmental studies, and a few are moving on to graduate school next year to continue in the same nature-focused vein.


Selimah Harmon, raised in Summerville, SC, graduated from Furman University with her BS in Biology. Her favorite BI class to teach is two-hour Skinks. In her spare time, she’s quite the birder (coming soon: a blog post about Selimah and the other birders on staff).

Selimah has just officially decided to attend Tufts University to pursue her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Her ideal job would be to work in a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation hospital; specifically, she’d like to work with raptors.



Rachel Kelley, native of Chattanooga, TN, graduated from Covenant College on Lookout Mountain with a major in Biology/Environmental Science and a minor in Community Development.

Her favorite BI class is Marine Mammals (she always tells our students that if they talk to her about manatees, they’ll be her best friends). Rachel is currently learning Arabic in her spare time; she’s also a pretty talented musician (guitar and voice).

Rachel will pursue her MS in Environmental Science at the University of Tennessee. Her ideal job would involve developing culturally-relevant sustainability policies.


Elizabeth Gugliotti is a Biology major from West Ashley (read the Local Outreach post for her short bio). She has just been accepted by the College of Charleston, where she will pursue her MA in Marine Biology.

Elizabeth’s dream job would be as a coral reef ecologist in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a specific and idealistic dream, she admits, but hey, why not go for it?

We’re proud of these nature enthusiasts and eager to see where they go and what they do with their graduate degrees.